Apr 24, 2011

6700 ft. vert Ski-Sled tandom = Shangri La

Some times dreams come true.  For me, this is my favorite place to be in the world...comfortable in an un-comfortable environment.  Like dancing down a 55+ degree spine from a peak that drops 6700 feet straight to the valley. 
3 Days Out in the middle of no-where with 3 of my good friends/sensei's, Jon Johnson, Dave Basterrechea, and my bro Daryl.  Wow!  Still feels like a DREAM!
The goal
the route to get there
tandom river crossing
gnarly hill-climb
 Early Bird gets the worm...6:30 AM
 Dream Land

Daryl topping out
Shangri La
me in Shangri La


Trip of a LIFE TIME!

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